The Ku Klux Klan, The Supremacist Group In America

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The Ku Klux Klan, or known as the KKK was a terrorist group in America made up of white supremacist who believed that white christians were superior to every other race or religion. The KKK is known for being the first terrorist group in America.(1)The group was formed around 1865 but was officially established as the “Klan” in 1886.(4) Named after the Greek word “Kuklos” which means circle. The word circle represents the KKK symbol which is a red circle with a white cross in the middle. The word Kuklos is where the Klan came up with part of their name.(7) The Klan was made up of mostly, if not entirely veteran Confederate soldiers. The KKK was a very racist group especially towards blacks. Klan members did not believe that blacks should be …show more content…
When they get together at these meetings or gatherings they still do old rituals from years ago that they practiced back then. These rituals include cross burnings which usually take place in the middle woods or outside where no one can interfere. The Klan does not only just get together with Klan members but also any other white supremacists who want to participate or have the same beliefs as them. A group they normally associate with are the Neo-Nazis.The KKK have become a lot like the Neo-Nazi group not only by their discrimination against Jews but also in the ways they present themselves and how they decorate their body.(8) Today, in towns that have had no history of racial issues are now having problems because of new hate groups that are coming. Their major problem that they have is the discrimination against the Hispanics now instead of blacks. Which today, Hispanics are the equivalent of blacks were back when the KKK was in full action. Klans today usually pop up in areas where there has not been any Klans before. Such as, the Great Plains region and the mid east-coast. Since in todays world the internet is available, that is what the Klan uses the most for publicity to get people on board with them to support racism and hate against

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