Essay on The Ku Klux Kl An Image Of A Trend Or Party

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Lynch mobs, if said aloud today might bring out an image of a trend or party, but they are a part of something bigger, and held by a group which has been around for 150 years with the intention of ridding people of color. The Ku Klux Klan has been around since the beginning of the United States Constitution, and their only goal is to tor-ture and rid of all the slaves who attempted to be free or es-cape. Racism and discrimination has been around for many years. U.S. history is built on racism and discrimination some of these are for other people’s cultures, sexuality, or even opinions. Majority of these groups would have limited privi-leges compared to “white privileged people”. Even though Afri-can Americans have made a huge impact on the country people still choose to discriminate and harm them for their own pleasure (Meltzer 6). Ku Klux Klan had many members who had joined. Everyone is the same in some way and they have their own personal beliefs and some look or even dress alike. But what motivates an indi-vidual to join the Ku Klux Klan. If there is a huge movement such as the Klan movement people such as pioneers or those who have trouble fitting in join the Klan to follow the movement. For others they join cause it means something to them and the torture or harassment brings them pleasure or entertains them. The Klan has made multiple changes over the years and those who dislike the changes and want to continue the Klan’s way attempt to restore order. And some were…

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