The Kristallnacht And The Holocaust

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On November 9th,1938, there was a major change in the lives of many Jews that lived in Germany. This night will forever be known as the Kristallnacht. In German, “Kristall” translates to crystal and “Nacht” translates to night. In English, it translates to “ The Night of Broken Glass.” The Kristallnacht was one of the worst times in history due to reasons behind why Hitler chose to stage the event, the extensive property damage and violence that occurred, and the affect on the Jews after that evening. The incident known as Kristallnacht took place in Germany and other countries where the Nazis were to eliminate as many Jews as possible. On November 9th through November 10th, the Kristallnacht took place and many Jewish schools and synagogues …show more content…
The Jews were really mad and upset about what the Nazis did to most of their property. An article at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states that the Kristallnacht caused a dramatic increase in Jewish emigration (German Jewish Refugees, 1933-1939). Kristallnacht took place in many countries where you think they would be, but some countries went untouched because they never thought that those were places where they would find Jews. The Jews saw the glass and how bad their property was ruined and they could tell that the Nazi and Adolf Hitler were not done trying to annihilate them for good, which led the Jews to flee and emigrate to different countries and places like America. Before the Holocaust some of the Jews knew that the it was going to take place and prepared, but none of them knew that Kristallnacht was going to happen. That was one of the things that they did not expect to happen. Seeing how everything was ruined and lives were being taken frustrated the Jews, but they knew if they fought back then they would risk their and their families lives. All they could do is sit back and watch what took place. After the Holocaust, almost 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and taken to Nazi concentration camps. Most of the people who fled were women and children, some of the people who fled were whole families and they would most likely go into a hideaway house. Multiple families were already prepared for the Holocaust. They had a hideaway house to go and stay at during the Holocaust and they stayed safe during that time, but at the end of those events some of the family got sick and died, and some died of natural causes. This shows that the Jews were affected in a way to where they wanted to fight back, but they knew it would cause death to them and their

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