The Korean War Was An Armed Conflict Essay

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The Korean War was an armed conflict spanning from June 1950 – July 1953 and involved two opposing sides, North Korea and South Korea. Each side was backed up by the Soviet Union and United States, respectively, and was part of the larger, long-term Cold War. The stage was set for a South Korean-U.S. victory with the allied forces pushing back the communists north of the 38th parallel and to the Yalu River in North Korea. However, victory could not be seized as the South Korean troops were met and ambushed by the Chinese. This instance marked the entrance of the People’s Republic of China into the Korean War and raised questions concerning China’s reasons for doing so. The analysis of two documents exchanged during the war will show that China intervened in order to heed the request of the Soviet Union, settle differences with the United States, and to establish themselves as a global superpower. On July 5th, 1950, Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, sent Zhou Enlai a telegram in which he discussed China’s involvement in the Korean War. Stalin told Enlai that “he [considers] it corrects to concentrate immediately 9 Chinese divisions on the Chinese-Korean border” ( Stalin’s main purpose for creating and sending this message was to confirm China’s support of the North Korean troops. This is due to the dire situation the Northern forces were in at the time. With the cooperation of U.S. troops, South Korea would soon push the communist…

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