The Korean War : The Forgotten War Essays

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The Korean War is known as the ‘Forgotten War’, but to the countries that were impacted by this war it was anything but forgotten. The Korean War took place on June 25, 1950 and did not end until July, 1953 (History, 2015). There were twenty-one members of the United Nations, commonly known as UN, that sent military forces and aid to South Korea. This war is a ‘world war’ because it included several countries around the world help either North or South Korea. North Korea was under the influence of the USSR and China, while South Korea was under the influence of the United States and other western nations. There was one special nation that helped send aid to South Korea, and this nation would be Australia. Australia had helped South Korea by saving the country from communism, losing their own soldiers for the cause of the Korean War, and showing the world why the war is not the ‘Forgotten War’. The United Nations chose to help South Korea once the Chinese had arrived to help North Korea. Even though the capital of Seoul was captured to communism once more, the United Nations did not give up. One of the first United Nations forces to show up was the “77 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force and HMAS Shoalhaven and Bataan of the Royal Australian Navy (Korean War, 2015).” Since the Australians were one of the first forces that showed up in South Korea, it shows how concerned the country, along with the other United Nations countries, was about communism spreading around…

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