The Korean War, And The Beginning Of Isolation

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Beginning of Isolation Kim III sung took power of North Korea in 1948, and two years later the Korean War commenced. On June 25, 1950, soldiers from communist North Korea had launched an invasion of their noncommunist neighbor, South Korea. South Korean troops were surprised, outnumbered, and outgunned by the invaders. In the first week of the war, ROK forces suffered 44,000 casualties.” The United Nations entered the war with the U.S and supported South Korea while China entered the war and supported North Korea. A deadlock was reached because none of the sides could do anymore then what they have already done. South Korea got about 1,500 square miles of territory while North Koreas population was reduced to two million.
North Korea, though allied with the Soviet Union, became and isolated and almost xenophobic nation under Kim II Sung. Adding on to the extreme policy of being a self- sufficient country, Kim wanted to reunify the Korean Peninsula, he even sent spies into South Korea and digging tunnels near the borders. Kim died in 1994, 46 years of ruling with an “iron hand”.
Kim Jong III, Kim III Sung’s son, took over the position. The following year, the legislature abolished the presidency but
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North Korea only trades with Communist countries or nonaligned countries, so it has learned to be self-sufficient. In 1995, a series of natural disasters combined with North Korea’s economic collapse to create one of the world’s worst famines. The famine had murdered about 2.5 million people over a time period of three years. This shows that with its strict trading policy North Korea has a very poor economic system. “According to the UN, 7 percent of North Koreans are starving, 37 percent are malnourished (unable to get the right nutrients to maintain health), 40 percent of children are suffering from lack of growth, and 20 percent are underweight.” A poor economic system almost guarantees

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