Essay on The Korean Of South Korea

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The Korean peninsula has a unique political situation of being one of the few divided countries on the globe. Growing up in the southern part of the peninsula, I had heard about North Korea more than anyone can possibly imagine. I can’t think of a single day when the TV news did not mention the tension building up between North and South Korea. Among the barrage of information about the North was how dreadful the living conditions of the North Koreans were. It was a routine part of education, where I was taught that the North Korean government is a group of people which does not care about the well-being of its citizens and that I am lucky to be living in South Korea. Before I understood the reality of North Korea, I thought that, while some of the news about the North could be true, there must be some exaggeration just to reinforce the negative feelings
But there was no exaggeration to it. The shocking revelation came to me when I worked at the Korean Institute of Tuberculosis during the summer of 2012. My main job as a summer intern was to translate an English version of the Directly Observed Treatment guideline for tuberculosis from the British Columbia Center for Disease Control into Korean. Aside from my main project, I also had a chance to take part in a survey study for North Korean defectors that settled in South Korea. The purpose of the study was to develop training and educational materials for North Korean defectors, based on their level of awareness and…

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