The Korean And Japanese Cultures Are Influential For Artists Lee Bul And Yasumasa Morimura

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The Korean and Japanese cultures are influential for artists Lee Bul and Yasumasa Morimura. Whether the artist comments on specifically Asian women or blurs the lines between males and females. Both artists, Lee Bul and Yasumasa Morimura, focus on gender issues through portraying themselves to appear indistinguishable and incorporating their culture. However, Bul focuses on the will of Asian women and portraying an emphasis on feminine identity, while Morimura expresses the boundaries between genders through referencing acclaimed works of art. The focus work from Korean artist Lee Bul is I Need You (Monument) made in 1996. This installation piece consists of photo print on vinyl and utilizes air pumps and toy trumpets. At the base of this installation is an arrangement of pedals to draw attention to society’s contribution to traditional ideals. Bul’s arrangement of mixed media that makes up I Need You (Monument) is her most famous installation and even incorporates a lingerie-clad form of Lee herself. The air pumps are used by viewers to inflate the swelling object and this physical engagement that the viewer has with Bul’s artwork is exactly what Bul was aiming for. Meanwhile, Portrait (Futago) is the focus work from the Japanese artist Yasumasa Morimura. This artwork is a large photograph measuring seven feet by ten feet and also features the artist himself. Morimura’s piece draws inspiration from the famous painting Olympia by Manet. Portrait (Futago) displays Morimura’s…

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