The Koran And The Veil Essay

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When Westerners think about what the religion Islam teaches, most of them would most likely think that the Koran, the Islam’s religious book, teaches them how to beat and oppress the women. Yvonne Ridley, a political editor of Islam Channel TV in London, once thought that. In “How I Came to Love the Veil,” which Ridley wrote, it points out that the Koran actually teaches equality in both genders and that the Koran actually promotes liberation for women. Also in “How I came to Love the Veil,” Ridley shares her experience from being a Western feminist to a Muslim woman wasn’t an easy one because of Westerners’ thoughts on Islam. With that, Ridley asks if it’s the Westerners or if it’s the Muslims that are more civilized.
Before reading the Koran, Ridley, like most Westerners, believed that the Koran chapters taught you how to beat and oppress the women. Ridley was then captured by the Taliban within the few weeks after the September 11 terrorist attacks and was freed by promising them to read the Koran. Ridley did keep her promise and read the Koran. While reading the Koran, Ridley didn’t find any Koran chapters explaining how to beat and oppress the women. Instead, the Koran surprised Ridley by letting her find passages promoting liberation for women. She found out that women under Islam are respected and “are considered equal to men in spirituality, education and worth” (par. 6). Muslim women “have a right to an education…duty to seek out knowledge, regardless of…

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