Essay on The Knot With The Love Of Your Life

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Marriage has always been a thing, now and in the past, there are numerous ways of tying the knot with the love of your life. Gypsies are also everywhere both in the past and the present. There are different tribes and communities, sometimes you won’t know if you’re are looking at a Gypsy. They live their lives along the lines of what we do, with some accommodations here and there. They one thing that probably is the biggest moment in a gypsy’s life is their wedding. Preparation and performance of weddings for Romani Gypsies are extremely important in their lifestyle. A Gypsy is generally considered to be a true nomad, that travels place to place with no stable community. Settling down is normally not an option for these people. When they travel, they like to make camps at the edge of cities, so no attention is drawn to them. The main question that historians have been asking lately is, where did the gypsies originate? They don’t have a written history so they do not know for sure but based on some research it had been narrowed down. Researchers believe that gypsies originated in India due to the fact of the fact that of the language they speak, which is a mix of two different Indian dialects. They believe that they are direct descendants of two Indian groups, the Luri who are wandering minstrels and the Dom who are nomads. In today’s society, we tend to look at the term gypsy and automatically think of them as dirty woman with sickly babies, begging for money on a street.…

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