Essay on The Kneeling Warrior

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Dr. David D. Ireland, Phd. “The Kneeling Warrior”. Lake Mary: Charisma, 2013

The very Son of God spent many entire nights praying in order to fulfill His ministry. It took Him three arduous hours in Gethsemane to find strength to face the Cross. “He offered up both prayers and supplications with loud crying and tears” (Heb. 5:7). We, on the other hand, have mastered the art of one-liners in prayer, and think if we give God a two-hour service once a week we’re fairly spiritual. “Easy does it” might be good advice in a few situations, but for most of life, including prayer, easy doesn’t do it. Anyone long associated with the Church of this century, especially in America, knows that our problems do not result from a lack of
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Mediation defines intercession and intercession defines mediation. “Dutch Sheets” defines intercessory prayer as “an extension of the ministry of Jesus Christ through His Body, the Church, whereby we mediate between God and humanity for the purpose of reconciling the world to Him, or between Satan and humanity for the purpose of enforcing the victory of Calvary.” Dr. David D. Ireland complements this definition and gives significant strategies for approaching the posture, responsibility and set time of “intercessory prayer” while dealing with the danger of pride. This book review will attempt to address these four points.

The first primary point will be “posture”
Intercession creates a meeting. Intercessors meet with God; they also meet the powers of darkness. Dr. Ireland makes it clear in his book that we are to take on the posture of a student in regards to learning; however this eventually leads to readiness and being on the defensive (pages 62, 68) as we mature as “kneeling warriors.” The four known types of warfare are: unconventional, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance (recovery), direct action and counter terrorism in the natural sense (as taught by Dr. Odessa McNeil in the “School of Prayer” on the intermediate level). There are several points to keep in mind in regards to what it means to be a “kneeling warrior,” (1) protection from the attacks of our enemy---even for believers---is not automatic; there is a part for us

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