The Kite Runner Summary

It was the time of 1963, when Amir the protagonist was born and right away his birth, his mother dies. Amir grows up with his friend name Hassan who was his servant and his playmate. Hassan mother had died at that time. Amir liked to read and write books but his Father (Baba) didn't like it. Unfortunately, Amir couldn't get the full affection of love from his dad but was more attached and attracted to his Baba’s friend named Rahim Khan. After when he was 14 years old, Hassan and him participated in a kite festival where a winner and his kite runner would get a prize. Since Hassan and Amir were both very furious and rapid young boys, they finally managed to won the festival and his father was also very proud of his son and Hassan. During the time of festival, Hassan was being raped from Assef because his
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Kite festival was one of the major key point of this novel because Amir was used to fly a kite and Hassan a rapid kid was used to be his kite runner because it was important because their mentality levels were matching this whole event of flying a kite.
2. Hassan was being raped by Assef because Assef was very eager to win the kite festival and Hassan refused to give him his kite and in return he got rapped by Assef and this tragedy changed the whole book because Hassan lost his trust in Amir because he was just looking at him getting raped but he didn't help his best friend.
3. Since Hassan’s son Sohrab becomes an Orphan, Amir gets a phone call by his dad's best friend who was getting killed; when Taliban started attacking into a whole city. Meanwhile, They told Amir that Hassan and his dad (Ali) died fighting to save his house and after listening to this sad news, Aamir along with his wife went to Kabul to save or adopt Sohrab because he realized how he already made a guilt before by not saving Hassan and now he cannot perform another to let his son Sohrab getting his life ruined.

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