The Kite Runner : Redemption Is The Action Of Saving Or Being Saved From Sin, Error, Or

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Amir’s Redemption in The Kite Runner Redemption is the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil. In Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, one of the protagonists in the novel, Amir, strives for redemption throughout the novel. Amir displays a positive change in various characteristics, to be specific, Amir changes from being selfish to selfless, from showing cowardice to being brave and from being cruel to showing caring and kind traits. The significance of redemption for Amir in the novel is for his own sanity. Amir strives to redeem his past as he did not always carry out the right actions. First off, Amir struggled for redemption as he displayed traits of being very selfish to being selfless. Amir’s transformation from being selfish to selfless displays redemption because it shows how much Amir wanted to change for the better. In Amir’s childhood days he was described as very selfish and all about himself. In the beginning of the novel Amir never shared anything with his servant, Hassan, even though they played together and did everything together. Also, Amir was always jealous of the attention Hassan got over him. He is selfish for not wanting to share Baba’s attention, instead he wants it all for himself: “And besides, one time at Ghargha Lake, Hassan and I were skimming stones and Hassan made his stone skip eight times. The most I managed was five. Baba was there, watching, and he patted Hassan on the back. Even put his arm around his shoulder.”…

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