The Kite Runner Comparison

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The common consensus is if a book is converted into a movie, then the movie will be essentially a disappointment. In The Kite Runner, director Marc Forster’s version falls just short of the original novel by Khaled Hosseini. With removed scenes, themes and emotional ties to characters, the differences between the book and the movie are too great to claim Forster a succes. In the movie, The Kite Runner, significant scenes such as Sohrab’s suicide attempt, Amir’s relationship with Soraya and the bagger in Kabul are change or deleted, affecting the reader 's view, understanding and feeling towards the original rendition of the novel. In the movie, Forster does not use scenes or content related to Amir’s nephew, Sohrab, attempt to take his own …show more content…
In this scene, Amir is in decies while walking the streets of Kabul. After giving the bagger a hundred thousand Afghanis, Amir learns he used to work at the university alongside his long deceased mother, Sofia. The ensuing conversation leads to Amir acquiring more information about his mother than he ever did before from his father, Baba. While giving birth Amir, Sofia passed away and Baba did not talk about her because “maybe his loss had been so great [and]his pain so deep, he couldn’t bear” (262). Hosseini uses this scene to contrast the poverty and death that is all around Amir while he is Kabul. Although the book has a somber tone, this scene allows for a more peaceful mood to help break up the more dark and intense scenes. Amir leaves the bagger and with immense gratitude says, “Thank you… Thank you so much. And I [mean it]” (263). With the beggars kind words, Amir is for once at peace knowing his birth cost his mother her life. This event is a prerequisite for Amir’s healing process and an influential part in Amir’s path to redemption. Also, it marks Amir’s final step in the transition from being weary about finding Sohrab to being adamant. However, the reader loses perspective and memory of this gem of a scene. Unfortunately, the deletion of this scene robs the audience of special and impactful moment only found in the

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