The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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Khaled Hosseini wrote The Kite Runner with the intentions of displaying the contrasts of good and evil as well as how one may be able to overcome immorality, and become a better person through the use of symbolism. The novel begins with a light hearted and childish tone as it depicts the relationship shared between Amir and Hassan. The two face normal, insignificant problems that every child runs into. Such as Hassan and Amir having to go up against the school bully, Assef, and Amir struggling to get his father 's approval and love. As the novel evolves and the boys mature the book suddenly plummets towards a much more iniquitous path when the author has Assef rape Hassan over a fallen blue kite and Amir finding out that he had allowed his half brother to be raped. Assef then becomes an emblem for all evil, Baba and Amir 's constant struggle for redemption for their transgressions symbolize how hard everyone struggles to relieve their guilt, and the kites stand for betrayal as well as hope for redemption. Hosseini wrote Assef as unpredictable and unstable, as Amir states that “ Not for the first time, it occurred to me that Assef might not be entirely sane,” (Hosseini 39). Not only did Assef worship Hitler, but he aspired to be just like him. Just as Hitler planned to wipe all Jews out of existence Asseff hoped to wipe out all Hazaras “Afghanistan for Pashtuns, I say. That’s my vision,” (Hosseini 40). Assef is a sadistic sociopath that sees no wrong in murdering and…

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