The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, starts off with a mane by the name of Amir receiving a phone call from Rahim Khan, a man from his childhood who was good friends with Amir’s father. Rahim Khan is telling Amir how things have changed since he has been away from Afghanistan. Ramin also tells Amir that he has to come back to Afghanistan, and that he has the chance to become good again. The story for the most part after this call takes place in Afghanistan through the eyes of early life Amir. Amir as a child lived in a very rich establishment with his father and his father’s servant named Ali. Amir is no the only boy in this establishment, living in the little shed outside with Ali is Hassan, who is Ali’s son. Throughout the story which is taken place during Amir’s childhood, Amir and Hassan do everything together. They fly kites, Amir reads to Hassan, and they go everywhere with each other. But not everything turns out the way the reader would want it to turn out. Later on in the story, Hassan distances himself from Hassan to the point where Ali and Hassan move out of the establishment and never cross paths again with one another. The story then progresses to present day, back to the call that started the story. Amir has a way become good again and redeem himself for all the sins and mistakes that he has done in the past. Mistakes can never be taken back once they have been made, but one can learn from their mistakes in order to get farther in life and become “good” again.…

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