The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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The relationship between father and son is a continuous battle for acceptance, that leads down an endless and destructive path to loyalty and devotion. Although there is a constant struggle for acceptance in Baba and Amir’s relationship, they are constantly there for one another and allows their relationship to show its differences. Throughout the novel, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, there is a constant tension between Baba and Amir, due to the fact that they do not fill each others necessities. Amir, as a character, faces a constant encounter with guilt and battles to please Baba. Through the need for acknowledgement, the symbol of the kite plays an exaggerated role in creating a scenario for Amir to gain approval. As Amir battles not only his father, he faces himself in the essence of emotional theft to create a better image entirely. Ultimately, the strain and continual contest for recognition encumbers the decisions made by Amir in the novel. “I was going to win, and I was going to run that last kite. Then I’d bring it home and show it to Baba. Show him once and for all that his son was worthy.” (Hosseini 56) Amir frequently looks to absolve the case of his mothers death in Baba’s eyes, as for he feels that this is the given reason his father does not accept him. As a character, Amir is extremely winsome and struggles with the impact of society. Amir is continuously susceptible to the bullying and harassment of himself, and his “true friend” Hassan. Amir is…

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