Essay about The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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Ethnic divisions are a prominent ideology that persists throughout Afghanistan culture. The vast divide between the two most prominent groups are shown in the book the Kite Runner, through the various interconnected relationships between the people of different tribes. The majority of the Pashtuns are Sunni Muslims and they are the most powerful ethnic group; with that being said it is no surprise that they make up the majority of the Taliban. The Hazaras are mainly Shi’a Muslims and are found at the bottom of the ethnic class system. In the context of the story, many Hazaras migrated to Kabul after living in rural areas. The conflicts between the two groups are rooted in their religion and beliefs, and since Hazaras are the minority, they have been constantly oppressed throughout time in Afghanistan. Hosseini uses Amir’s narrative of modern day Afghanistan to portray the country’s deterioration and the persistent divide between the ethnic groups in the story the Kite Runner. To begin with, when Amir returns to his home country, he is astounded to see how different it has become. For one thing, Afghanistan is left in poverty after the civil conflicts; places that he had once frequented, turned into places of ruin and hopelessness. When he returns to Afghanistan, he notes that “the signs of poverty were everywhere” and how he feels “like a tourist in [his] own country” (Hosseini 231). Here he shows his surprise for how weakened the quality of Afghanistan has gotten. The…

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