The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, uses violence as a main component of the plot. In many ways, violence is used to portray the grief of Afghanistan and the life of Amir. Since the novel depicts violence in almost all major incidents, it is evident that violence is an integral part of the storyline. Amir is a witness to violence at the various stages of his lifetime. From his gory birth to the dark rape of the alleyway. Amir is prone to violent situations. Violence impacts the novel immensely, just as it impacts the everyday lives of the Afghan people. It could be said that without the imagery of brutality, Hosseini could not have affectively created a painful atmosphere for the reader. Amir 's agony mirrors the misery and pain that the Afghan people endure through their lives. The events of Amir 's life portray the many lives of the country. The novel looks at Amir 's growth in stages: first his childhood, then his life with Baba (his father) in the United States of America, and finally his return to Kabul. Violence is showcased through these three stages and Amir uses hostility as a tool of redemption for Hassan 's death.

Amir is raised in a wealthy family that resides in Kabul. He lives with his father whom Amir adores. Amir 's household also has two servants, Hassan and Ali. Hassan is one of Amir 's greatest friends, with more of a brotherly bond between the two. Although this brotherhood has great loyalty, Amir has a tinge of jealousy towards Hassan because Baba…

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