The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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Modern day Afghanistan is a difficult subject to discuss, and most people know very little about it. The once noble country has fallen into disarray after the infamous rise of the Taliban in the late 20th century. The extreme islamic fundamentalists have turned entire soccer stadiums into execution centers, and struck terror into the hearts of all Afghans. They also have forbidden women to work, and since most of their husbands were murdered by the Taliban the women and their children starve.The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a story about the guilt and difficulties of one 's past and how it can push one to strive for good. However there are a multitude of themes throughout this book, and some that are more prevalent than others, working beneath the surface and dictating the shape of the story. Betrayal acts as the central cog to the Kite Runner’s story, it sets major events in motion, and depicts consequences of human nature.

The deception of character’s represents a major portion of the plot in The Kite Runner. The morning before the big kite tournament Hassan was serving Amir tea and he was explaining to him a dream that he had had the night before. He explained that he and Amir were both at a lake where no one was swimming for fear of a giant sea monster. In the dream Amir states that there is no monster in the lake and “before anyone can stop you, you dive into the water, start swimming away. I follow you in and we’re both swimming.” (Hosseini 59) In this quote…

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