The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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I am reading the book, The Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini. In the first 100 pages we are introduced to the main character Amir, his dad Baba, their servant, and their servant’s son. Amir lives a prosperous life because of his wealthy father, but he and his father treat their servants as if they were their own. Amir grew up with their servant’s son Hassan, and they create a bond between them that not all the money in the world could break. Their bond was comparable to a brothers bond, although they are not related. Amir is an only child because his mother died while giving birth to him, so Hassan is all Amir has besides his father. Although Amir treats Hassan comparable to a brother, he does not wish to be associated with him in public. In this journal, I will be characterizing the main character Amir.

G-First off Amir can be characterized as jealous and non-sympathetic.
Y- Jealous R- thinks he is never his father’s favorite R- his father hired a plastic surgeon for Hassan R- how Assef bonded with his father so easily
Y- non-sympathetic R- did not help Hassan in the alley
R- made Hassan and Ali leave because he couldn’t deal with holding in the secrets anymore
R- mocks Hassan-reads to him at the tree fake stories
G- Ultimately, Amir is jealous, and a non sympathetic person

First off Amir can be characterized as jealous and non-sympathetic. Within the book there is plenty of evidence to support why Amir is jealous. To start, Amir has always thought…

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