The Kite Runner Analysis

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QUESTION: Imagine that Baba keeps a journal in which he comments on important events. Write an entry for this journal just after the kite tournament. In this entry he reflects on the tournament and on his feelings about Amir's victory. You should give careful consideration to your language choices and style, which should achieve a sense of Baba's voice.

Today was the day I have been waiting for. A day I can be a proud father. A day I can finally say, 'My son Amir, my son, is a winner.'
mir, the kite-fighter accompanied with Hassan, the kite-runner.
Although it is a children's tournament, it was out of all the worthy children in Kabul. He has proven himself to me, with everyone to see. And it was an impressive fight to witness. It may not be boxing or soccer, but it's something. None of this poetry nonsense, an actual man's sport. He was able to show off his intelligence and his physical skill.

The way he sliced those kites down one by one was admirable. A talent only a handful of people in Kabul have. A talent my son has. A talent my son is best at. My favourite moment, a moment I never wish to
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I am so proud of Hassan. The greatest kite-runner in all of Kabul. My Hassan. If I was able to, I would reward Hassan with my love. If I thought Amir wouldn't be jealous. A weakness I wish he'd get over. If I could talk of how proud I was of Hassan, I would tell everyone in Afghanistan. I would tell them of how he ran kites like no one else, and how he and Amir managed to take down every other districts best kite-fighting team. Amir would never have done it without Hassan, but Amir's pride and jealousy shadows over that fact. He will not allow Hassan to take his fair split of the victory, but allow him to taste a short, sweet hint of it, before gathering it all for himself. I hope he grows out of this jealousy, and realise there is no need for it. The boys both need each other, for they would not be the same if

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