The Kite Runner, Amir And Hassan Essay

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As a young kid without a mother, your father means everything to you; but when your dad makes
You feel like you have to fight for his affection, you will stop at nothing to achieve it. In the kite runner, Amir and Hassan have an eccentric relationship. Amir has mixed emotions, and wonders whether to call Hassan his best friend, brother, or servant. When baba (his father) treats Amir and the servant Hassan as equals, hatred swells within Amir. Hassan endures physical, mental, and sexual abuse in order to make Amir happy but it is not enough; and Amir just grows farther away from Hassan because of his guilt. Hassan eventually leaves and Amir wonders why baba is so crushed. Many years later, a move to America, and a new fresh start at life; Amir receives a call, “there is a way to be good again” Rahim Khan says. A few weeks later Amir is in the place he used to call home, but it has changed dramatically. War has broken out and the Taliban’s control has a tight grip around Afghanistan. He finds out that Hassan was his half brother, and his kid is currently in an orphanage due to the death of both Hassan and his Wife. Amir goes through the same abuse as Hassan in order to save young Sohrab and redeem himself from his past sins. Khaled Hosseini uses irony, mood, and allegory to show how a child needs to be loved by his father or they will do whatever it takes to get it; even let another suffer.
Irony is the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies…

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