The Kitchen Debate And Cold War Consumer Politics Essay

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The Kitchen Debate and Cold War Consumer Politics by Shane Hamilton and Sarah Phillips highlights the debates of Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev. Nikita Khrushchev and USSR are the clear victors of the kitchen debate. Khrushchev’s concern about the Soviet population as a whole is a key reason as to why he is the winner of the debate. Instead of being concerned about individualism, his focus was on the people and how he could better the country. To begin, unlike Nixon, Khrushchev sought out to treat Soviet women as equal human beings instead of slave to the kitchens. Nixon thought that the Soviet women would admire the shiny new kitchens that were in the American exhibition and that it would grab their attention. However, the women were not even amused by the kitchens. “Many Soviet women do not find housework and a family enough of a career by itself.” (pg.120, doc. 33) The women actually wanted to work and have careers and they were given the ability to do so. The Soviets thought that women should be allowed to have a career and not be confined to the house as American women were. The fact that the Soviets were concerned about the wellbeing and health of women was extremely important. There were also laws in place that didn’t allow women to work in places that would put their health in danger. “However, our labor laws are very rigid and no management is allowed to employ women on jobs which might endanger their health.” (pg. 120, doc. 33) The Soviet Union appreciated…

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