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The Kiss
Gustav Klimt The Kiss is a work that was painted by the Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt, between the years 1907 and 1908. Klimt utilizes his personal experiences and life changes as his inspiration for the creation of perhaps his most famous work yet. He links modernity and eroticism at the center of his work, the couple’s embrace. This embrace is a quintessential expression of one of the deepest passions known to mankind, sensual love. Klimt’s color choices, use of depth, line, and balance, are all techniques that contribute to the message he is trying to convey. This couple’s love radiates passion at its strongest, the love between man and woman, and the disconnect from reality they experience as they embrace.
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Their love immediately becomes the focal point. Their gilded clothing beams as it pulls the viewer deeper into the center of the painting, the very essence of work, the kiss itself. It quickly lets the viewer know that this is the main focus of the painting. The entanglement of shapes initially blends the lovers’ bodies into one, exposing only their hands, feet, and faces. However, when more closely examined, the viewer can see that there is a separation. Klimt uses rectangles and squares on the male figure, and more rounded and circular shapes on the female figure. So in spite of the fact that the figures are intertwined, and almost seem as one, the variations of the geometric rectangles and the organic flower pattern illustrates each figure as a separate entity. This juxtaposition between jagged and soft can also be viewed as a metaphorical representation of the contrast between the rough nature of man versus the sensitive nature of woman.
Their tight embrace clearly expresses sensuality and intimacy, the powerful connection that only lovers can experience. This power is enhanced by Klimt’s use of color. Just as he juxtaposes contrasting jagged and soft shapes, he creates contrast through the juxtaposition of earth tones and vibrant colors against a golden background. Despite the array of colors and shapes that make up the majority of the painting, the focal point remains distinct. As mentioned previously, their emotion

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