The Kingdom By The Sea Essay

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The setting of the poem is the kingdom by the sea (2) which Poe mentions many times, may refer to some type of castle. His purposeful use of this line is similar to that of a chorus in a song; the verse is repeated numerous times to help the reader understand that this is an important part of the story that poet is trying to tell. Poe purposely uses this setting as a reflection of his gothic taste which sets the background and gives a sort of foreshadowing as to what is to come throughout the poem. The placement of the words “kingdom by the sea” serves a very important role in the poem. The first use of the line is used at the beginning which helps to set a tone for the poem and even paints a fairytale like place; the poet never really describes the castle or kingdom but gives enough detail to where the reader can understand that the poem takes place in a far distant time with much more gothic architecture and scenery. The words “kingdom by the sea” are used again in lines 14 and 20; line 14 simply refers to the castle that the poet and “Annabel Lee” resided in. However, the words in line 20 come after the story of a high born kinsman painting the picture of royalty and power which creates the image of people taking and receiving things that they did not necessarily work towards. This may symbolize oppressiveness and control during the time period that made the poet resent the world. Poe also uses symbolism with the sepulchre, which is Annabel Lee’s grave. He only allows…

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