Essay about The Kinetics Of Wine Fermentation

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To finish my thesis about the studies of the kinetics of wine fermentation, I spent more than 18 months in the food engineering lab to research the fermentation kinetics by utilizing the advantages of yeast immobilization to improve the fermentation performant. The processes have to be conscientious in every detail in terms of sterilizations, fermentation, and analyzation of alcohol concentration and aroma compounds. It is challenged but I was proud of practicing the magical of nature that have occurred since the first day of winemaking by Dionysus god. My interest in my final year thesis grew stronger as I learned more about biology and working on this project, I had the opportunity to study numerous articles and reports on alternative sources. The knowledge I gained was invaluable and I was more than convinced that this is a world changing technology of the future and certainly is where I wanted to be involved. I finished my undergraduate thesis with the last semester GPA of 9.44 that gave me a great honor to receive the motivation scholarship from HCMUT.

The future, as I am asserting, could be state that it is an unpredicted function with copious influenced factors. The desire of answering the question about the deficient the medical system in Vietnam, the ambition of answering the cause of chronic kidney disease of my mother and the rapid method for early detection and recognition this disease, the obsession of the HIV girl in the charity class with her vibrant life and…

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