The Killings Essay

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Ramiro Bautista
Professor Jeff Cupp
English 101 10 June 2015

“Killings", involves several aspects such as revenge, morality, and murder. Elements, such as the story’s title, the order of events, and the development of the characters, are very unique. "The Killings" provides a somewhat conventional plot pattern, where the character is confronted with a problem and is then led into a climax, which late leads to the resolution of the story. The plot in The Killings also includes usage of flashback as a tool for the audience to fully understand the backgrounds of the characters. The story discusses the ramifications of the original murder, the subsequent actions of “justice,” and finally what is left when it is all said and done.
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This was Matt’s final deciding factor to bring forth an end to their suffering by killing Strout.
Finally, one night “The gun kicked in Matt’s hand, and the explosion of the shot surrounded him, isolated him in a nimbus of sound that cut him off from all his time, all his history, isolated him standing absolutely 410 still on the dirt road with the gun in his hand, looking down at Richard Strout squirming on his belly, kicking one leg behind him, pushing himself forward, toward the woods. Then Matt went to him and shot him once in the back of the head.” (Dubus 121) This is the beginning of Matt Fowler’s true sufferings brought by the murder of Strout. Instead of having feelings of vengeance and liberation in hopes that he has ended Ruth’s suffering, he overpowered by guilt and isolation.
There is irony to Matt’s character because the readers are seeing his dark side with a desire to kill, but the reader is also sympathizing with the grief and guilt from killing another human being.
There is no question that the love Matt had for Frank was the motivation to kill Richard Strout. The story ends with two physical killings and a moral death as well. Vengeance comes at a very high price, death. “Eye for eye”.

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