The Killings Of The Hutu Prisoners Essay

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The Hutu prisoners tell how the killings took place and how they responded to the killings that would eventually begin to consume their daily lives. The men do not have trouble recalling the very first time they killed, for several of these men had never actually killed before, including small animals that were to become their dinner. One would assume that the killing of humans would be done with a psychopathic mindset, yet these men were not psychopaths they were farmers who worked in the fields by day and returned home to their families at night. They were not killers by nature, but somehow they turned in to cold blooded killers in the blink of an eye. The men tell of their first murders in detail, such as whom and how they killed, but only with their first murders. The men do not seem taken back from their admitted events, but express them as if they are having a casual conversation. These killings were not a part of the men but they were a part of their life. This can be chalked up to the fact that the men treated the killing of Tutsis as their job, which they performed no differently than the jobs they had help in the past.
The prisoners’ at the start of the killings would meet daily at the local soccer field to obtain orders and encouragement from the interhamwe. According to Adalbert, the men were prepared by the authorities and led to believe, through rewards of food and drink and the absence of supervising whites, they were free to carry out their killings. This…

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