The Killing Of A Child Essay examples

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JOURNAL Unit #7: Islam

“Those who had the poorest grazing ground, would rather kill their children, kill their girls, than have the possibility of having to sell her or giver her away where should could be abused. For many, it wasn’t something that they loved to do, it isn’t because they hated girls, but because they did not have any hope that they would have a way to take care of their children” (Teke, Part 2).

Question: Why was the killing of a child something that occurred in this culture? Is the killing of girls still occurring today? When did the unequal treatment of women start occurring within this religion? What changes have happened that have positively impacted the treatment of women in this religion? What can still be done to help women be equal to men in the Islamic religion, and become a more egalitarian society?

Response: While watching the interviews of Dr. Ingrid Mattson the first thing that I found very disheartening to hear was that of female infanticide. At first I didn’t know what that meant, but the quote from above made me realize how what it was, and how serious of an issue this is. It was later said that there is “link the mistreat of women with morality” (Teke, Part 2). Personally, I find it very difficult to comprehend the idea of killing a healthy baby. Some people wait a life time for the miracle of having a child, but some are not able to do so which makes this hard to hear. Dr. Ingrid Mattson later said that “god will…

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