Essay on The Killer Angels By Micheal Shaara

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The book The Killer Angels by Micheal Shaara is about the battle of Gettysburg and attempts to convey the historical event by presenting it in a fashion that feels fictional, but is based on documents and letters that were set around that time. The book covers the event through the eyes of different confederate and union officers, and is told in such a way that you feel sympathetic to the characters because you can see their panic, and the decision making process that each officer uses. This book is separated into four sections these are; the day before, the two days of, and the day after. Each section has chapters that are written from the view of seven different characters, each character has a different importance. These characters are: The Spy, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, John Buford, James Longstreet, Robert E. Lee, Freemantle, and Lewis Armistead. Shaara selects four main people as the viewpoint characters and moves back and forth among them to progress the story.On the Confederate side he focuses on Lee and Longstreet, while on the Union side he focuses on Buford and Chamberlain.
This book does an excellent job trying to get the reader to feel like they know the characters by providing insight into their lives at the beginning of the book, and by showing their characteristics through out the book. The book also shows what the character is thinking at the time while it shows what is going on in the other soldiers lives at the same time because you get a unique view…

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