The Killer Angels Analysis

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Gettysburg is a series of battles. At first the South gains ground but eventually the North secures the better field position and crushes the Southern forces. The author makes it clear that it is General Robert E. Lee's poor judgment and de- cisions that causes the South to lose the Battle of
Gettysburg. Lee even credits himself for the South's failure, as quoted in the book, "No blame can be attached to the army for its failure to accomplish what was projected by me.
. . . I alone am to blame, in perhaps ex- pecting too much of its prowess and valor . . . could I have foreseen that the attack on the last day would fail, I should certainly have tried some other course . . . but I do not know what better course
I could have pursued" [The Killer Angels, Ballantine Books, page 349.] General Lee wanted to attack the Union troops at Gettysburg, even though the North had the better ground, more supplies, and thousands of more troops. Lee's mind was already set and he did not want to change it. Overall,
Lee was a good general, but during this particular battle, he did not make the best of decisions, which in the opinion of the author led to the Confederate troops losing the war.

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