Essay about The Kgb 's Foreign Intelligence Program

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The History of the KGB’s Foreign Intelligence Program Many people have heard about the KGB before, but do those people know what the story behind the KGB, their impact to the world, the conspiracies, the conflicts, what did they do, what happened to them, the purpose of them, etc. Let’s go way back to find out how the group called the KGB started, why were they formed, and for what purpose. We will also go back to see how the group has changed throughout the years, as technology became more advanced and new problems arose. The Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, or more commonly know as the KGB first began in Russia in the year of 1917. The KGB was created to serve as the “sword and shield of the Communist Party.” With the new security service that Russia now has, which plays a major role in the purge of supporters, it was designed to be carefully controlled by senior Communist Party officials. It was divided into approximately 20 directorates. The most important of which were those responsible for foreign intelligence. This program area was the main focus of the KGB, they also excelled in this operation the most with their practice in espionage. Other programs that KGB ran include domestic counterintelligence, technical intelligence, protection of the political leadership, and the security of the country’s frontiers. These programs were not as important though compared to the foreign intelligence program. In the late 1960s an additional program was made to conduct…

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