The Keystone Xl Pipeline Project Essay

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To Build Or To Not To Build; Keystone XL Pipeline Essay
Against all odds, Mario the character from Super Mario Bros can transport to great distances (and even worlds) instantly through pipelines without any negative impacts. Now looking back at reality, imagine a pipeline transporting oil from Canada to the United States but with many negative impacts. Coincidentally, there is a proposed 1,179 mile and 36-inch diameter pipeline which will bring crude oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast, known as the Keystone XL Pipeline (“Keystone XL Pipeline Project”). If the Keystone XL Pipeline was built, it would have the capacity to transport approximately 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day to refineries in Oklahoma, Illinois and the Gulf Coast of Texas (“Keystone XL Pipeline Project”). The Keystone Pipeline would be delivering Canadian crude oil to the United States oil markets which will provide an economic boost to Americans and income for Canadians. Despite the pipeline’s economical advantage to Canada, it still does not benefit Canada due to its negative effects towards Canadian people, the economy and the environment. To begin with, there are many risks to Canadian people if the Keystone XL Pipeline project proceeds. In the past, there have been many spills involving oil. For instance, during the year 2013, an oil spill in an Arkansas suburb resulted in the evacuation of 22 homes (CNN). As well as, thousands of oil had to go to waste and it almost affected the surrounding bodies…

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