The Keystone Xl Pipeline ( 1179 Mile Long Pipeline Essay

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The Keystone XL pipeline is consisting of 1,179-mile-long pipeline to transport up to 800,000 roughly of barrels per day of oil crude from Alberta, Canada and the Bakken Shale on Montana. This pipeline would cross the U.S border near Morgan, Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska, where it would be connected to existing pipeline facilities near Steel City, Nebraska for onward delivery to Cussing, Oklahoma and the Texas Gulf Coast region. The Canadian company TransCanada initially proposed the pipeline in 2005 and applied to the State Department for a construction permit in 2008. However, TransCanada, the company behind the project is still waiting for the State Department to approve it. Keystone XL pipeline is one of the most controversial projects in American politics due to the proponents and the opponents of the pipeline. Some Americans, especially proponent of the environmental argue that this project will badly affect the environment and climate change, which would cause a massive carbon dioxide on the air. They also argue that Canadian government should not support this project, due to the mass amount of carbon dioxide the pipeline may produce. It will be a disaster in global warming. The opponents of Keystone XL pipeline also believe both America and Canada are playing a big role in climate change. On the other hand, some people argue that it has very less impact in environment, but will massively boost the American economy by creating jobs and increasing people‚Äôs…

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