The Key To Power And Money Study Guide

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The Key to Power and Money 1. The Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, is the person who is in charge of a company and makes decisions to better it. Being a CEO is very appealing because not only do you make very good money, you also get to coordinate all of the operations inside of that particular business. 2. Some of the responsibilities of this occupation are found on Oklahoma Career Guide including: “developing policies for your company, overseeing your company 's finances, talking with your workers and board members to coordinate activities and resolve problems, evaluating employee performance, and negotiating contracts and agreements with people, other corporations, and the government.” As you can see, being a CEO isn’t just telling people …show more content…
One plus of being the CEO of a company is the work schedule. There is actually no set work schedule if you’re the CEO! After all, you are the one who sets the work hours for everyone else. So technically, you don’t have to show up at all. However, most CEOs know they need to set an example of hard-work in order to get the rest of the company on board, so they show up (Attributes Most Indicative of Chief Executive Officer and Office Nursing Chief Career). The best way to be a leader is to set an example to the rest of your company and to show up on time everyday; everyone else will follow in your footsteps.
8. One important thing to consider when choosing a career is obviously the health hazards. There aren’t really any physical hazards in being a CEO, however there are some mental hazards. All joking aside, stress can take a huge toll on a person’s mental wellbeing.. Having the burden of looking out for everyone in the company, making money, and following government regulations can all be extremely
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Despite the stress of being a CEO, there are many benefits. If we’re being completely honest, the two major satisfactions of this profession are that you make a ridiculous amount of money and you’re the one in charge. Money and power, as selfish as it may seem, are very appealing to almost anyone (Career One Stop). Almost anyone would agree that being able to live a comfortable lifestyle is a great thing. Sadly though, money and power can sometimes lead to corruption-- whether it’s in a corporation or personal life. 11. Money and power are the limiting factors in this career field because at times you could become too attached to it and forget about the things that matter, like family and friends. The moment we start to value monetary things over family, we are disconnected from what’s important. Money simply isn’t everything. 12. Another factor to consider is that the CEO often works long hours to set an example for his company. Again, when working long hours it takes precious time away from loved ones.. We must always remember the things that are truly important in life. At the end of the day, we must always remember the old saying: “Money can’t buy happiness.” A plus side to all of the money you make is that you can provide basically everything your family needs or wants. One potential negative effect the CEO position would have on a family is that the long hours can keep a husband or a wife away from his/her other family members. The time it takes to attain your

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