The Key To Becoming A Member Of A Basketball Team

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Even thought it was tough for me at first, I worked hard to prove that I could be a member of a discourse community. Joining anything comes with a struggle, such as fitting in or trying to be the best. Basketball is a prioritized sport in my family. I always knew that when I hit junior high it would be time to fulfill my family’s prophecy of joining a basketball team. I was not too thrilled with the thought at first. I decided to talk to some of my friends to get their view on it. Most of their responses were negative. I remember my best friend at the time had told me, “You can’t even do your hair and cut your nails, how are you going to play basketball”. I don’t know why I even asked, I didn’t had a choice. What my best friend said didn’t …show more content…
I couldn’t believe that was what they thought about me. I understood the basics of basketball weren’t the hardest, but the way I was immediately thinking of as enable wasn’t the best feeling. The second task was to dribble the ball between lines of cones. I blurted out like a jittery kid, “I got this”. About half of the girls turned around and rolled their eyes at me. As my turn approaches, I stood ready with the ball in my hand. I completely ruined and chances of being part of the team. Practices were long and hard. At times, I tried to have a second thought to leave practice and quit the team but I said to myself, I am not a quitter and I will make my way through and be the best I can be. During the course of the season, I learned to value my teammates individually. We all came together and played as a team. Life as a basketball player in Barnett junior high school was great, everyone had their own personality. We had a beautiful jersey and good team player. That was a bad thing, but also a good thing because everyone on the team saw the game differently. Some of my teammates saw that to gained popularity and was …show more content…
I was not known to be the athletic type, but I always try to fit into something whenever I put my mind to it. I always put my books and studies first. I can vaguely remember one of my closest friend’s laughing at the fact that I told him that I’m in the process of trying out for the basketball team at Barnett junior high school. I did not think that I had to put in so much work. My coach called us in to discuss our plays. I felt so honored to be chosen as one of the starting five. I could hear parents cheering, “Let’s go Barnett Bears!!” I finally felt like I belonged. The game went on and we were hit with a surprise. The defenseless team we thought we were going against were very good. We still ended up winning, the score was close. We had 96, and the opposing team had 84. The season was coming to an end and I gained so much from the experience. I had games and practices where I just could not make a basket. I started the season thinking that I was the best basketball player there and whenever I failed at something, I would try twice as hard to improve myself. My experience as a basketball player had its ups and downs, but I grew stronger as a person. It was a bit harder trying to fit in at first. But after all of our walls came down, we started accepting each

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