The Key Of Power And Money Essay

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The Key to Power and Money 1. The Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, is the person who is in charge of a company and makes decisions to better it. Being a CEO is very appealing because not only do you make very good money, you also get to coordinate all of the operations inside of that particular business. 2. Some of the responsibilities of this occupation are found on Oklahoma Career Guide including: “developing policies for your company, overseeing your company 's finances, talking with your workers and board members to coordinate activities and resolve problems, evaluating employee performance, and negotiating contracts and agreements with people, other corporations, and the government.” As you can see, being a CEO isn’t just telling people what to do and making the big bucks. Being a CEO requires many skills, which frankly not everybody possesses. 3. The great thing about the CEO position is that it will always be a growing position. Any small business or large corporation will always need someone to oversee the company and make decisions concerning it. Whether it’s a local business or a Walmart, both require someone to make sure operations run smoothly.
4. The educational requirements for becoming a CEO include having a high school diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree from a university (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Some classes at Durant High School that could potentially prepare me to become a CEO are Debate, English, and Personal Financial Literacy. Debate teaches how to…

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