The Key Functions Of A Business Running Like A Well Oiled Machine

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The key functions of are designed to keep a business running like a well-oiled machine. Many people will perform these functions and never know that they are performing these functions. These functions are the daily operations of a business. I am going to talk a little about my own experience as an Army Recruiter as we use marketing and sales every day. I will cover the basic layout of the functions and relate them to how the Army and other businesses use them.

The Production function is the first step in the six functions of a business. This is what most businesses do to make money they produce goods to sell to the public. The Army Recruiting command processes young men and women into the military through a series of test, medical exams, and a contracting phase. The end product is the newly enlisted Soldier. The production manager is in charge of making sure the process goes smooth and the cost are low. The cost involved are driving to and from the processing station, staying in hotels, and meals. Therefore, it is in the best interest of everyone involved to only make one trip because the more trips to the processing station the higher the cost.
The next step is the Marketing function in a typical business the function is how to get your product to the consumer, what is the best place to advertise. The big difference between a normal business and the military is you are advertising to sell a product and they are selling a lifestyle. You can’t take it for a…

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