Essay about The Key Elements Of Power

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A country cannot prevail in a disorderly world without the use of power. As stated in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, power is defined as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. People usually get power confused with force, which is the specific application of military might. Any country that wishes to survive in this world needs some power to ensure that survival. Many things are involved with power including but not limited to military, economic, political, cultural, and psychological factors. Every country has a set amount of power, and it is very difficult to calculate exactly how much power a country has.
There are eight key elements of power, which are the military, economy, population, government, geography, infrastructure, intangibles, and external sources. If I had to rank the eight key elements of power from most important to least, I would rank them in this order: government, infrastructure, military, economy, population, intangibles, external sources, and geography. From all the factors, the most important are the government, infrastructure, and military. The government is the powerhouse of a nation and is in control of all the actions that take place concerning any international relations. The government keeps peace and maintains order within the country. A functioning government is key to having a lot of power because of its importance in conducting orders. The military and people need order so that they…

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