The Kashmir Conflict-The Importance to India and Pakistan Essay

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Kashmir Conflict has been around since 1947. It is also the key point or the reasons why India and Pakistan did not get along well. Because of this, the diplomatic relationships between the two countries are on the fire and both countries has been witnesses few war to fought over Kashmir. Behind this conflicts, we can find a lot of other historical events that happen due to this among this is a country name Bangladesh was born from East Pakistan. This article is designed to help explain the situation in the region and the significance of Kashmir to India and Pakistan. To accomplish this goal we will first discuss the genesis of the conflict and the benefit of Kashmir interns of resources,
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In the eastern part of Ladakh-Baltistan-Gilgit, the regional people are by and large of Tibetan stock and are Buddhists or Muslims by religious persuasion. Muslims are divided into Shias (predominant in Purik and Baltistan); Ismaelis, another sect of Shia Islam (predominant in northern Gilgit and Ghizer district); and Sunnis (predominant in the southwest in Chilas and Astore). The main Gilgit town and surrounding valleys are thickly populated with Shias, while Buddhists tend to reside in Central Ladakh in the Indus Valley and surrounding areas. The languages spoken in this region are Balti, Bodhi, Borushaski, Chitrali, Hindko, and Shina. In Jammu and to its immediate east, the population is predominantly Hindu, while the western parts of Jammu are predominantly Muslim. The languages spoken in this region are Dogri, Gujari, Pahari, Pothwari, and Punjabi. In addition, the eastern section of Jammu houses pockets of Pogli-Kashtawari (Kashmiri) and Bhadrawahi, as well as sub-pockets of Siraji and Rambani. Residents of the Valley are Kashmiri-speaking and primarily Muslim, either Sunni or Shia, though a small percentage are also Hindu, Sikh, or Christian. Straddling the Kashmir Valley and the foothills of Jammu is the abode of the Gujjar/Bakarwal tribes, the shepherd community of the state who speak Gujari, a kin of Rajasthani Hindi. They are generally Muslim.

The Land Area

Kashmir is divided among Pakistan, India and

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