Essay about The Kant Theory of Moral and Ethics

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I. Introduction.
Philosophy plays an important role not only in modern society, but also in society as a whole.
As we know philosophy can be represented as the science of contrast of different views and thoughts. Philosophers present their point of view, concerning for example, ethics, life, world outlook, and the rest of society and must choose the most suitable idea. As proven, without dispute and disagreements the philosophy couldn’t rise to such a high level at where it is today. Hence, the philosophy and ethics are interrelated whereas ethics is one of the oldest philosophical disciplines which are the object of morality.
Every philosophy has been asking the issue about the class structure of society, the principles of morality,
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Kantian affirmation about humanity by his formulation such as: ‘Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of another, always at the same time as an end and never simply as a means’. (Hoffman n.d.) It demonstrated in example with company M that treated people as a means only for own achievements.
In the following one of his main emphasizes was the fact that person without respect can not do great favor to somebody. By blessing can oblige another, to impose a duty. Someone who has a good deed, should be better to pretend that he is obliged, or is honored for themselves that needs had take addressed to him, and thus to portray the act only of their duty or commit it in secret. The entire employer hiring employee appears as some act of charity. Provision of an unemployed job or refused a job, setting a higher wage to hired employee, the provision of certain benefits of the material or moral character, of course, can also be seen in the aspect of charity. So this proves that behavior according to maxim could become universal law. (Lebedev 2000) IV. Limitation of Kant’s Theory.
People always have a strong temptation for the achievement of any plans and achieve personal goals using other people as means. Unfortunately in business it is especially common. Kant went ahead with his theory about morality, connecting

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