KEY News By Jane Clark Summary

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KEY News is a series of thrillers written by one of the best media thriller writers, Mary Jane Clark. The novels feature several characters that work in the KEY News news agency in New York City. The first novel in the series was the 1998 published Do You Want to Know a Secret? The series of novels are best classified as suspense thrillers.

KEY News is one of the premier news stations in New York City that is inspired by Jane Clark’s time working with CBS before she became an author. The novels follow a diverse set of characters as they deal with murder mysteries amid the intrigues and politics of working for a news company.

The first novel in the series Do You Want to Know A Secret starts out with the a bright young woman stunned by the
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The novel is a great mystery that will have you guessing before offering up a pleasant surprise at the end. The story unfolds from different character perspectives, which all contribute, to the pieces and bits in the puzzle. The heroine Eliza is the young widow taking care of a four year child. The news anchor is a well-known face on the KEY News channel. The novel offers great insights into power politics in the journalism world as it reports on major stories in the 1990s.

Let Me Whisper In Your Ear is the adrenaline-charged third novel in the series. A dark mystery ensues when two thrill seeking boys ride the Cyclone on Palisades Park only for one boy to emerge from the roller coaster. The secret of what happened to the other boy would remain shrouded in mystery for decades before Laura Walsh of the KEY News series gets interested in the case. In a macabre turn of events, Laura finds herself in the midst of a chilling nightmare when one of the most famous anchors in the station falls of a Manhattan rooftop and dies. Delving into her colleagues past, she unearths a shocking secret that leads to the missing boy and her own past. Desperate to get to the bottom of the mystery and track the vicious killer, Laura soon finds herself dreading the worst – the next obituary to be written may just be

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