The K 12 Public Education System Essay

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The basis for any modern society is the people living in it. The citizens are the ones responsible for the way the world works today. When looking at any model that depicts the building blocks of society, one will find that education is a very important factor. In developed countries, the government regulates an educational system, paid for through taxes and other governmental funding, which give the youth of the nation the opportunity to learn. Education is widely stressed today due to the importance and the need for knowledge. Many nations focus on their public education systems when they are compared on an international scale; however, despite being poorly ranked on many of these scales, the United States cannot seem to implement the proper legislation and uncover the true problems that plague the current system. The K-12 public education system in the Untied States is inferior to that in other developed countries due to the outdated curriculum, and the inefficient learning environment the government provides to America’s youth.
At one point in time, the United States was number one in almost everything. Whether it was militarily, economically, or educationally, the US came out on top. Today tells a slightly different story in regards to the education in public schools. According to Pearson, a well-known education firm, the United States ranks 14th on the index of cognitive skills and educational attainment (The Economist; Pearson 2014). Over the past 70 years, the…

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