Essay about The Juvenile System And Its Effect On The Rate Of Recidivism

2019 Words Apr 30th, 2015 9 Pages
Within the Juvenile system no one really takes the time to systematically track the statistics concerning the changes that need to be made within the system to deter juvenile offenders. The system tends to move slowly when it involves change because it can be costly. So, with many budget cuts happening we will need to tackle the problem, by first looking at the number of juveniles that are committing crimes and at what rate. Then we need to find out what type of programs we can put in place to deter juvenile type offense and keep them down. Once we can analyze the offenses, then we can look at what gender is committing the most offenses per caseloads. After we are able to do this then we can proceed to find out what type of programs we can implement to throughout our states and others in order to keep juveniles out of the system and reduce the rate of recidivism.
We are in direr need of protecting out juveniles from taking the wrong path, so any program that we can implement, that will be cost effective and productive will be a plus. Our juveniles need to be saved and we in the juvenile system and management owe it to them to do what we can to make a difference.

As we know the Juvenile system is forever changing, but the problem that we seem to be running into is that the change is slow and it always come with a dollar sign behind. Our juveniles are of great concerns to everyone, because if we are not able to address their problems we will see…

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