The Juvenile Justice System Essay

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The Juvenile Justice System has been around for quite a while. There were even forms of a justice system before the actual system was set in place. A juvenile is a male or female that is under the age of eighteen years old. The history of the system has great importance to how the system has become today. There have been many changes made and new acts and programs introduced to better support the juveniles well-being. Without this system in place the youth of the world that have been committed for a crime would be in the same facilities as adults and would be serving the same sentences. This would create danger for the youth and less likely for them to learn from their mistake and be properly rehabilitated to ensure that it will not happen again.
Before the actual juvenile justice system was established there were different time periods that tried to reach out to children and help children in difficult situations. In 1601 the Poor Act was established to separate children from their parents if they could not take care of them. The children would then be given away as slaves so they could work for others. It was not seen as wrong because the children were being taken care of such as having food, clothing and a place to live. Two centuries later a group in New York created the Society for the prevention of Pauperism specifically in 1817. The group was created to bring light on neglected children that were between the ages of ten and eighteen. The group also tried to create a…

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