The Juvenile Justice System Within The Adult Justice Essay

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The juvenile justice system differs from the adult justice system in several ways allowing for the distinctiveness among the two systems. In other words, the adult system focuses on restorative justice methods, such as training the offenders to accept responsibility for their crimes, and providing them with the necessary skills to avoid criminal behavior. On the other hand, the juvenile system adheres more effort into the creation of treatment programs, welfare, and offender focused probation. Probation is defined as the suspension of a jail sentence that allows a person convicted of a crime a chance to reintegrate back into society, instead of serving the remainder of their sentence in jail. Probation requires the criminal or youth offender to follow court-ordered rules and the conditions of their probation release, while under the supervision of a probation officer. Therefore, probation is an important component of the justice system that aids criminal and youth offenders, reintegrate into society, and the probation officers who work with the offenders are a key element in the process of rehabilitation. (Sources)
Although the juvenile and adult justice systems have variations, the probation officers who work with juvenile and adult offenders have similar roles and responsibilities. In particular, juvenile probation officers are law enforcement agents who are assigned to work with delinquent youth who have been convicted or accused of crimes committed and have been released…

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