The Juvenile And The Adult Justice Systems Essay

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In this paper I will be comparing the juvenile and the adult justice systems, there are several differences between the two systems. I will be discussing many aspects within the justice systems. These include but not limited to terminology, due Process rights, arrest to corrections, juvenile crime compared to adult crime, age limits and waivers to adult system and different community correction options available to offenders. Both systems share much of the same terminology even though there are some different terms that apply strictly to juveniles. Some of the terms which apply to both juveniles and adults are: Appeal, Arrest, Counsel. Appeal is an offender’s request to a higher court to reverse a lower court’s ruling. They must prove that the lower court committed an error, whether it was legal, factual, or procedural. Arrest occurs when an individual is taken into custody for committing a crime. An arrest is lawful only when there is probable cause the individual committed a crime. Counsel is a lawyer or team of lawyers who represent a client. Counsel for a juvenile may be privately retained or appointed by the court. Some terms that apply to Juveniles are as follows: Amendable to Treatment, Adjudication of Delinquency, Age of Criminal Responsibility. Amendable to Treatment is the legal assessment of a young offender’s rehabilitation according to age, maturity, offense history, and any previous therapeutic interventions. Adjudication of Delinquency is when a…

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