The Justice System Is Not Perfect Essay example

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As children growing up, especially in the “land of the free”, we expect the world to be a fair and just place. Commit a crime and you face punishment, commit no crime and you live freely. In the eyes of children the world is simple – black and white. However, even in America, the world is not an evenhanded place. Everyday innocent people go to jail and criminals walk free. The justice system is not perfect and that is a reality children learn as they evolve into adults. Nonetheless there are periods of history in which the injustices that occurred are unfathomable and irreconcilable to even cynical observers. These injustices range from slavery and genocide to political purges, but they all share an air of incredulousness for us now. Yet, what these events indicate is the mental state of the people at that time. It shows us how the people and propaganda during that period was able to deceive and manipulate thousands of people to submit or agree to such unimaginable horrors.
When attempting to understand the period of Stalinism, we see one of the most illogical periods of history, in which thousands of people were expunged as they were suspected enemies of the ideals of communism. The Stalinists subjected prisoners to torturous interrogations that forced often innocent and loyal people to admitting to crimes they did not commit. It was a time of terror and suspicion. They developed labor camps that, if they did not kill the prisoners, beat them into beings no longer human.…

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