The, Just Throw Your Spear ! Essay

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I was often annoyed when the soldiers would argue in the midst of a battle. I would think to myself, ‘This is a BATTLE, just throw your spear!’. I believe Patroclus is the one to reprimand Meriones because Patroclus is cool-headed and wise beyond his years. He came as Achilles’ companion, and was there to help him overcome his anger. He may be a weaker fighter than his friend, however, he is a stronger person because he is wise enough to ignore words and put his faith in actions. Save the air in your lungs for a war cry, do not waste it on insults. (104 words).
Homer uses many nature metaphors to describe the fury of war, especially using metaphors for great fighters like Hector, or the wrath of Zeus, or the massive attacks done by either size. I think he uses nature metaphors because nature surrounded people and to the common person limited to the mundane life of farming, nature was one of the biggest controlling forces. I believe the East wind is Troy, because Troy was believed to be on the eastern side of the Greek empire, in Asia Minor, while the Danaans came from the Greek mainland. Agamemnon came from either Argos, which is located on the southern island of Peloponnese, or Mycenae, which might have been in Crete. The mountain glen refers to the mountainous region in which the war was most likely fought in; the jostling trees represents the emotional distress and the divided families because it is an effect of the winds, and the branches snapping represents either the…

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